Best Places To Donate Clothes & Household in Tennessee

Donate Clothes & Household in Tennessee

Is your closet or garage full of boxes of nice clothes and household items that you want to donate for another person to enjoy? Donating unwanted clothes or unused items in Tennessee is a great way of decluttering your home while impacting the environment positively at the same time. It is also a good way of supporting a cause that you care about by offering them high-quality items that they can sell.

Thrift stores and donation bins offer a great way of disposing of any household items or clothing that you no longer want or use. And the good news for you, there are a lot of donation drop-off points scattered around Tennessee- both in the major cities and small towns.

If you are searching for a great place to donate your unused household items and unwanted clothes in Tennessee, search no further, scroll through our great list below! Declutter and tidy up your home while assisting people who are in need!

Top 8 places to donate old clothes and unused household items around Tennessee.

1. Goodwill Retail Store of Middle Tennessee

Goodwill Retail Store of Middle Tennessee is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957. Its mission is to transform lives through employment, training, and education. They strongly believe in offering a hand-up, not a handout. Rev. Edgar J. Helms used to hire the needy and poor to repair and mend items that he collected from wealthy natives of Boston.

Goodwill Retail Store of Middle Tennessee provides commercial and residential donation pickups in ‘portions ‘of Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, and Davidson counties. Currently, they are scheduling pickups two to three weeks out.

Proceeds from the sale of donated clothes or household items assist to fund job training programs and services offered by Goodwill Career Solutions. Besides retail sales, Goodwill relies on other revenue sources, including local and state grants. To gain a full list of things that they accept, kindly visit To schedule your next donation pickup, please call 615-425-0100 today.

2. Nashville Humane Association

Nashville Humane Association has been a secure haven for homeless, at-risk, and adoptable pets since 1946. It is a family of 60 board and staff members, along with hundreds of contributors, volunteers, and supporters all committed to our vision of saving lives.

They are committed to identifying responsible homes, regulating pet overpopulation, and enhancing the humane handling of animals, all while supporting pet families and pets in our community.

As a gift-based nonprofit organization, Nashville Humane Association depends on contributions from donors like you to do the work required to safeguard adoptable, homeless, and at-risk pets in Nashville, throughout Middle Tennessee, and around the world.

3. GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks Ministries is a nonprofit organization that acts as a haven for people facing difficulties, providing a landing place where people can find hope and solace for a brighter future. It was established in 1955 by a group of concerned Williamson County faith leaders and citizens who wanted a collaborative, comprehensive solution to the issue of poverty.

They recognized that low-income citizens had diverse needs- housing support, financial assistance, clothing, and food- yet most churches and nonprofits focused on single or two services. By pooling resources from both public and private sectors, GraceWorks Ministries has been able to provide Wraparound services to families and individuals in need.

GraceWorks accepts appliances, new toys, household items, furniture, LCD screen televisions, furniture, and clothing of all sizes. They later sell all the donations at their Thrift store to assist support their services.

However, items that you want to donate must be in great shape with no pet hair, stains or tears, or major fading and must be smoke-free. All clothing must be clean and properly packed in boxes or bags. Remember that your donation will be tax deductible, as provided for by the tax laws.

4. Dismas House of Nashville

Give your fellow resident a second leash in life, and donate your clothes or household items to Dismas! The goal of Dismas House is to enhance lives and strengthen communities by offering the formerly incarcerated holistic reentry programming that breaks down the cycle of incarceration.

When returning citizens join society successfully, we all take advantage of a safer, stronger community. Current requirements: cell phones, gently used or new jeans or work pants, ground coffee, ground coffee, art supplies and copy paper, compact bottles, water bottles, and a set of tools for household repairs.

5. Safe Haven Family Shelter

Safe Haven Family Shelter is a shelter-to-housing program in Middle Tennessee that accommodates homeless families in Tennessee.

If you have household items or clothes that you would want to donate, click here to find a full list of items required. When donating, please indicate that it is in support of Safe Haven Family Shelter. This assists us to obtain credits that families can utilize to buy the items they require.

6. This ‘n That Thrift Shop

This shop has the vision of offering a source of affordable goods to local natives, a consistent revenue for the Child Development Program at St. Luke’s Community House, and a chance for volunteer work.

Needs include clean usable clothes for all types of children, women, and men. (Please ensure there are no tears, rips, etc.) Visit their site for other accepted items.

7. Soles4Souls

At Soles4Souls, we convert unwanted clothing and shoes into opportunity, by preventing them from going to waste and placing them to great use- offering relief, empowering people, and creating jobs to break the endless cycle of poverty.

Click here to find a drop-off location or instructions on how you can ship.

8. People Loving Nashville

This nonprofit organization’s mission is to offer community, restoration, relief, and connection to the most vulnerable communities of Nashville. They offer many resources every day including clothing, meals, transportation, survival supplies, and emergency housing to the most at-risk and unhoused people in Nashville.

You can visit their site here to view a list of required items and drop off locations around Tennessee!

Note: This is just a sample of nonprofit organizations that can help you donate household items and clothes in Tennessee. So, if you have a thrift store in mind and need a pickup, contact them to find out if they will come to your house to pick up the donations today.

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