Exciting New Growth and Development Happening in Murfreesboro TN

bulldozer in murfreesboro, tn

The future of Murfreesboro TN is bright, with new developments underway and expansion projects in the works. Roads are being constructed to accommodate this growth while restoration efforts continue throughout our area! Rutherford County is striving to be the next hot spot for development.

Murfreesboro is growing and thriving with new development. According to the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce, the $271 million project that spans the city includes Brinkley Road, Cherry Lane , Gateway Boulevard Jones Blvd New Salem Thompson Lane as well many other areas in between!

Another exciting project includes the expansion plans that will transform what was onceFirst United Methodists Church building into mixed use development–allowing people who live or work here have access not only groceries but also some entertainment options too.

Murfreesboro’s growth is fueled by its excellent schools and family-oriented lifestyle. To keep pace with this rapid expansion, the city invests in enhanced municipal services to ensure that Murfreesboro residents remain as strong together through thick or thin!

Two more significant projects promise to drastically improve the entertainment and recreation options that can be enjoyed in Murfreesboro, TN.

The Legacy Sports Company has announced that it will be investing $350 million in an expansive sports and entertainment venue located just outside of Murfreesboro. This new development is set to become one of the largest privately-owned athletic centers throughout Middle Tennessee, if not all America!

Notes Live, Inc. is looking to build a $40 million music entertainment and dining development that could host touring acts as well live performances for 4500 fans. The facility will go on an 18-acre parcel located off Medical Center Parkway & Gateway Boulevard in hopes of enticing visitors from all around!

Murfreesboro’s growth and development show no signs of slowing down, making it the perfect place for new businesses, families, and individuals to call home. Come see all that Murfreesboro has to offer!

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