Meet the Business Community of Murfreesboro TN

Kelli Beam

One of the greatest benefits of living in Murfreesboro, TN is the wonderful local business community. There are so many wonderful business owners in this town who support each other and the local economy in amazing ways. We have a wonderful library of interviews that you can check out to get to know them. You can check that out by going HERE.

In this post we’ll give you a glimpse at some of these hard working, community loving people that have great stories to tell:

Kelli Beam

Kelli is the Vice President of Membership Development for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. She does so many things for our community, but she is always present at the ribbon cuttings, networking events, and orientation trainings for the Chamber of Commerce. If you run a business in Murfreesboro, you will most likely run into Kelli at some point!  Here’s her story:

John Iacherri

John is affectionately know around town as “The Murfreesboro Guy“. He runs the wildly popular news site His site offers regular construction updates, breaking news on local events, and highlights new businesses opening up around town.  John’s face is recognized all over town because he does such a great job of keeping people in the know. One of our favorite things about John is his commitment to acts of kindness, charities, and philanthropy in town.  He’s a great guy to know in town.  Here’s his story:

Mylikia Franklin

Mylikia Franklin is the co-owner of Franklin’s Fruit Tea a Mufreesboro based business that started in a food truck and now has its own store right off the Murfreesboro square. Mylikia and her husband Germayle have worked tirelessly to build a brand in town that is know and respected.  They even have their amazing fruit tea distributed and sold in grocery stores and restaurants around the Nashville area.  Here’s her story:

Ashley McFarland

Ashley McFarland owns Ashley McFarland Aesthetics offering all kinds of skin and beauty treatments.  Her business has long been a fixture in town and serves a large client base.  Ashley brags about her team and says that they serve clients in a way that makes her feel proud to serve with them.  It’s a great local business and she’s another example of a great business owner in Murfreesboro.  Here’s her story:

Kristy Davis

Who doesn’t love donuts?  Well, if you’re hungry for a donut in Murfreesboro, TN, you’ll most likely find yourself pulling into Donut Country. Donut Country is a favorite around town for decades. It’s a family owned business and Kristy Davis grew up making and serving donuts since she was a little girl.  Along with her husband, Kristy now owns and operates Donut Country and focuses on treating her employees like family, giving generously to the community, and continuing to make high quality donuts for Mufreesboro to enjoy.  Here’s her story:

These are just a few examples of so many amazing people who not only love and serve Murfreesboro, but support one another in a way that is truly unique to other communities.  If you are looking to open a business, you won’t find a more open and supportive business community than Murfreesboro TN.  To read more inspiring stories of business owners, you can go HERE.

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