Most Famous People from Murfreesboro Tennessee

Most Famous People in Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro TN is a vibrant city situated in Rutherford County. It is located within the Nashville metropolitan area of Middle Tennessee, about 54 km southwest of downtown Nashville. Several reputable educational institutions are located in Murfreesboro, such as Middle Tennessee State University, Franklin University, and Williamson Christian College. Apart from its infrastructure, presence of great educational institutions, and natural beauty, Murfreesboro is quite known for producing some of the most famous people in the whole of the USA.

Murfreesboro is known to be the starting place of many of the country’s famous people from James K. Polk to John Floyd. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most famous people from Murfreesboro TN.

1. James K. Polk

James Knox Polk was the 11th president of the United States, who served between 1845 to 1849. Prior to becoming president, he was elected as the 13th speaker of the House of Representatives and the ninth governor of Tennessee State. As a president, James oversaw the largest territorial expansion ever witnessed in America’s history-he acquired over one million miles of land- by signing a treaty with England and winning the war in Mexico.

James K. Polk was regarded as a war hero because of his victory in the American-Mexican war, which led to Mexico’s cession of the whole American Southwest. He achieved almost everything he had set in his manifesto as a president and what he had promised using his party’s platform: acquisition of California, Oregon Territory, and New Mexico Territory; positive settlement of the Texas border row, and reduce tariff rates amongst others.

2. Chris Young

Christopher Alan Young is a celebrated American country music songwriter and singer. He was born and raised in Murfreesboro TN, and started his music career in 2002. Although Young showed interest in music from an early age, performing in various theater productions across Murfreesboro. While attending Oakland High School, Chris sang in its choir and started performing in local clubs.

Chris Young musical star began to rise in 2006 when he was declared the winner of season 4 of the television program Nashville Star, a music competition in the USA. After winning, he signed a contract with RCA Records Nashville, which helped him to his first album in the same year. It produced two single albums with country songs “You’re Gonna Love Me” and “Drinkin’ Me Lonely”. In 2017, Chris achieved a major milestone in country music, which helped him become a Grand Ole Opry member. He has also won numerous awards from the CMT music awards, the Academy of Music, and the Country Music Association.

3. James M. Buchanan

James McGill Buchanan is a renowned American economist famous for his contribution on public choice theory. He was born and raised in Murfreesboro TN. James attended the University of Tennessee, and after serving during the Second World War in the Navy, he went back to the University of Chicago where he graduated with a Ph.D. in 1948. He lectured at several universities in the US.

Buchanan’s significant contribution to the science of economics is the idea of “public choice theory” which he refined over the years with Gordon Tullock and other colleagues. Because of this contribution, James was awarded the Economic Sciences Prize by the Nobel Council. The conventional economic theory discusses in detail how clients make decisions regarding choice of work, purchase of goods, and product investment amongst others.

Muhammed Lawal King Mo

4. Muhammed Lawal

Muhammed Lawal popularly known as “King Mo” is a professional wrestler in America and a martial artist currently signed to Major League Wrestling. He was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee alongside his siblings who were raised by a Muslim single mom. Growing up Lawal was an ardent fan of professional wrestling and started participating in wrestling competitions at Piano East Senior High School in Texas. During his early years, Lawal won a state title in the Greco-Roman category and was completed as a state runner-up.

Lawal was named a Division 1 all-American and Big 12 Champion in 2003, wrestling in the state from Oklahoma. After completing his collegiate career, he participated in the now-defunct Real Pro Wrestling and was crowned a champion in the initial and only season. Lawal was eventually nominated to become a member of the U.S. national wrestling team in 2005, which placed him 7th after participating in the World Championships held in Budapest. From 2007 to 2008, Lawal was ranked as the best wrestler in the country and was regarded by many as the best wrestler in the United States, no matter his weight class.

5. Colton Dixon

Michael Colton Dixon is an American s musician and songwriter-singer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was raised in a middle-class family in Murfreesboro TN, along with her younger sister, Schyler. Despite being a choir member in high school, he participated in the filming of “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. Colton is a devout Christian and has sung at various worship services including at Saddleback Church. He and Schyler are part of a rock band known as the messenger.

Colton Dixon initially auditioned in the tenth season, along with her sister Schyler at the Nashville auditions. He initially gained recognition in seventh place on the 11 seasons of American idol in 2012. Colton has won numerous awards including two GMA Dove Awards for Best Contemporary /Rock Recorded Song of the Year.

Audrey Whitby American Actress

6. Audrey Whitby

Audrey Whitby is an American actress best known for her roles in the series So Random, Austin, and Ally aired on the Disney Channel. She was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but raised in northern Indiana. Audrey is famous for her numerous appearances on TV programs including the Bad Fairy movies, the Standoff film, and the Thundermans Nickelodeon series.

Growing up Audrey would commute to Chicago for auditions and book American girl print work and commercials. Her sister, Madeline, is also an actress. Audrey has also acted on her YouTube platform Awesomeness TN just like Hunter March has.

7. Grantland Rice

Grantland Rice is a widely respected and read American sports writer. He was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rice attended Montgomery Bell Academy before proceeding to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where he became a football player for three years. He later moved to Nashville where he acquired a lifelong passion for sports and the outdoors. In 1907, Rice developed an interest in sports writing while watching the Sewanee-Vanderbilt football match. He also became an advocate of the emerging golf game in the United States.

8. Bart Gordon

Bart Gordon is an American politician and former congressman of the 6 districts in the United States. He was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on 24 January 1949. He attained his Bachelor of Science degree from the Middle Tennessee State University. During his tenure as a U.S. congressman, Gordon secured over $24 million in grants to develop and plan the Murfreesboro Greenway System, which has existed for 25 years now.

9. Johnny Floyd

Johnny Floyd is an American college basketball and college football coach and player. He was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He began his college career as a football receiver at the University of Michigan before transferring to the University of Texas, where he played basketball for two seasons.

10. Margaret Rhea Seddon

Margaret Rhea Seddon is a renowned American surgeon and retired NASA astronaut. She was born on 8th November 1947 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A woman of several firsts, Rhea Seddon is one of six women in a class of 100 in medical school and the first lady ever accepted to undergo a General Surgery Program. Besides her career in space, Rhea’s experiences have caused her to move from a surgeon career to becoming a licensed pilot to entrepreneur, author and business owner.

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