The Best Places to Take Family Photos in Murfreesboro TN

family taking photos together in the woods

Need a place to take pictures for your next family photo session. Murfreesboro is home to a lot of outdoor areas that offer the perfect backdrop to any picture taking session. There’s a bunch of places you can share with your photographer that you can go to grab the perfect framable shot. Here are some of our favorites:

The Greenway:

The Greenway is a beautiful 7-mile trail that winds its way through Murfreesboro. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous hike, and there’s even a dog park along the way if you want to bring your furry friend along.

Barfield Crescent Park:

Barfield Crescent Park is another great option for those who want to get some fresh air and exercise. With over 200 acres of land to explore, you’re sure to find something new each time you visit. There are also playgrounds, picnic areas, and a disc golf course if you’re looking for something more than just a walk.

Downtown Square:

Downtown Murfreesboro is home to a variety of shops and restaurants, and the square is the perfect place to take a walk and window shop. There’s always something going on downtown, so you’re sure to find yourself entertained as you stroll around.

Middle Tennessee State University Campus:

MTSU’s campus is another great place to go for a walk. With over 500 acres of land to explore, you’ll never get bored walking around here. Plus, there’s always something new to see with all of the university activities that take place every day.

Stones River National Battlefield:

For those who are interested in history, Stones River National Battlefield is a great place to take a walk. The battlefield itself is over 3,000 acres, so there’s plenty of ground to cover. And if you want to learn more about the history of the area, there are plenty of interpretive signs along the way.

Gateway Island:

Gateway Island is a man-made island located in the middle of Stones River. It’s a great place to take a break from walking and enjoy the scenery. There are also picnic tables and grills if you want to make a day of it.

Murfree Spring Wetlands:

The Murfree Spring Wetlands are located just south of downtown Murfreesboro. They’re perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some peace and quiet. There are also plenty of birds and other wildlife to see if you keep your eyes peeled.

No matter what your interests are, there’s sure to be a place in Murfreesboro that’s perfect for you. So get out there and explore! And don’t forget your sunscreen!

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