5 Interesting Facts About Tennessee State

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When most people think of Tennessee, fried food and country music is what preoccupies their mind. But there is more to the state of Tennessee than that. From its culture and history to its amazing natural beauty, there are other things that the southern state is known for that you need to discover. Tennessee is known for its premium quality whiskey, music scene, and home to the Great Smokies. Country music singers and artists such as Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley come from TN and the state has been home to many famous musicians for years. It is also popular for some great food like hot chicken and barbeque.

Tennessee is a fascinating mix of pioneering mountain spirit and southern ways. This state was the authentic frontier to the west, the site of the forced eviction of Cherokee Indians, and a battlefield during the civil war. Its population has been a diverse blend of Scotch-Irish, English, and more recently, free American slaves. All of this great culture tossed together has culminated in the amazing dining and music scene that is the backbone of Tennessee society. Without further ado, let us explore some of the interesting facts you need to know about the state of Tennessee.

1. Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee has been associated with fine whisky ever since some of the initial settlers moved to the region and would become a state in 1796. It is famous for producing a particular style of whiskey, though other types of distilled spirits and whiskey are produced in the state. Tennessee is normally described as a lighter version of bourbon.

Tennessee is also home to popular whiskey brands in the world known as Jack Daniels. The Jack Daniel’s distillery is situated in Tennessee’s Moore County. The Old No. 7 bottle is the brand’s flagship whiskey. They also create a number of other bottling including flavored whiskeys. Single Barrel Select and Gentleman Jack are normally loved by whiskey enthusiasts.

2. Graceland Elvis Presley’s Mansion

Graceland mansion in Tennessee is the place where the king of rock n’ roll music called home. Since 1982, the mansion has operated a museum in memory of the music star. No vacation trip to Tennessee would be complete without passing by Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion. Graceland Elvis Presley’s Mansion is no doubt one of the most visited homes in the US after the White House. The 13-acre grounds and mansion are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tennessee state and for good reasons.

The mansion has been home to Elvis Presley from 1957 until his demise in 1977 and has been converted into a museum dedicated to his career and life. Here, you can visit the house and see where Elvis stayed, as well as learn more about his incredible career. There is also a museum on the mansion with exhibits on Elvis’s movies, music, and his impact on pop culture.

The Grand Ole Opry Nashville TN

3. The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry, Tennessee’s number one attraction and American Icon, is known for creating one-of-a-kind experiences for people of all ages. It is where unforgettable experiences occur every week. Here, you can experience the thrill of a live concert at Tennessee’s premier country stage, the Grand Ole Opry. Unlike other concerts, the Grand Ole Opry presents numerous artists at every show, offering the audience various musical styles to enjoy at a single event.

Grand Ole Opry is the home of country music. It is a live performance concert that showcases today’s country music rising stars, stars, and superstars all on one stage, each week in Nashville TN. The Grand Ole Opry has hosted one of the longest-running radio histories in US history. This is where music lovers connect with their favorite artists at Opry House.

For nearly 10 decades, the Opry has been home to great country music talent in the US. From the radio show that made country music popular in 1925 to the global music and cultural landmark phenomenon it is today, the Opry is one of the largest stages in country music and a must-experience for any fan of music.

4. Tennessee has 10 State Songs

With the reputation of great music that Tennessee has, it’s no doubt that there are dozens of songs composed about the southern state.

Blues, country, and pop music artists meet at the Grand Ole Opry, and sessional musicians thrive at producing and recording Mecca of Nashville, which has a good reputation for entertainment that helped it get the nickname “Music City

Here is a list of 10 Tennessee State songs you need to know:
1. My Homeland Tennessee
2. When It’s Iris Time in Tennessee
3. Tennessee Waltz
4. My Tennessee
5. Rocky Top
6. The Pride of Tennessee
7. Smoky Mountain Rain
8. A Tennessee Bicentennial Rap: 1796- 1996
9. Tennessee (2012)
10. Tennessee (1992)

The Great Smoky Mountains

5. The Great Smoky Mountains

Roaming wildlife, cascading walls and a view that stretches for more than 500, 000 acres, the Great Smoky Mountains is one of the regularly visited national parks in Tennessee. This is an ideal getaway for a great camping and hiking experience. The mountains are known as the Smokies due to the ever-present morning fog, the mountain is renowned because of its diverse animal and plant life, the aesthetic beauty of its unique mountains, and the history of Southern Appalachian Mountain culture.

With approximately 80 historic buildings, abundant wildlife and unique displays of wildflowers, Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides numerous activities to enjoy. A hike through the Great Smoky Mountains– whether it be on the Appalachian Trail, a wildflower walks, or a trip to one of the major waterfalls- will leave you with a smile and a lasting impression. Since the experience changes from season to season, there is always something new to explore. The best way to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains is to hit the trail (just like what the initial settlers did).

Tennessee is the home of the Great Smoky Mountains, Graceland, and the favorite Jack Daniel’s whiskey, while Memphis and Nashville are two of the state’s most crucial music centers. We hope that this post has helped you learn the 5 tantalizing facts about the state of Tennessee.

Happy exploring!!!

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