The 5 Best Places to Poop in Downtown Murfreesboro


Let’s face it, sometimes you gotta go when you’re out and about in town. And when nature calls, you need to know where the best places are to take care of business. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best places to poop in downtown Murfreesboro, TN.

1. The SunTrust building right off of the square is a great place to poop. There are public baths in the basement and on to the second and third floors.

2. The second best place poop in downtown Murfreesboro is at the Bank of America building on East Main. This is a bank building again, so make sure that when you’re visiting to make your deposit, you are respectful of the people that work in this building.

3. Public libraries are one of the last places in America where you can get something for free. Well, you can also poop for free at the Murfreesboro Library. Just make sure you pay your late fees.

4. City Hall is a place where people come together in unison to do their civic duty. Well, you too can do your doodie at the Murfreesboro City Hall. Once again, please be respectful of the people that work in this building.

5. The best place in Murfreesboro to poop is the Boro Business Lab Bathroom! It’s the most fun place in the whole city to do your business. See what I did there? You can sign the wall (above), get some chocolate, and freshen your breath with a complimentary mint. Now that’s service!

So there you have it! The next time you’re downtown and nature calls, you’ll know exactly where to go. Happy pooping!

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