Alonzo Stanley – Bryte Photo Booth

Alonzo Stanley - Bryte Photo Booth

How did you get your idea for your business?

In college, I was always in the recording studio on and off. It wasn’t until I met my brilliant wife who kept me on track. By the end of college, we got a house and she was pregnant. I basically had to be serious and I went down the financial path for my career.

What made you want to help those who wanted to purchase houses?

Well, when I went to buy my house the number one thing that almost got in the way was my student loans.  So I wanted to lend a helping hand to those who wanted to purchase a home but also help them figure out a plan to pay up their student loans. 

Where did the idea for the Bryte Photobooth come from?

When I was DJing at a party we hired a guy who had a photo booth rental. What he did was set up the equipment and left it for two hours. When he came back he noticed the party was just getting started and he left it for an hour for $80+. I remember thinking it was a cool idea because you can make more money than you would make in a week in a couple of hours with a high demand for a product as such. 

How do you advertise your business?

With the mortgage job, I have to take that seriously. However, when it comes to the Bryte photo booth business doing events and having that exposure helps get more customers, and also word of mouth helps with marketing my business.

Alonzo Stanley - Bryte Photo Booth

What is your end goal for your business?

Definitely for it to grow and expand, have advanced products, and be able to book more events. I think also having merchandise as in items with the brand label on it can truly add to that success of the growth and is well known.

What’s the one thing you’re doing right now from a marketing perspective that’s getting you more customers?

I would have to say content and being consistent with pushing out that content. Also being authentic and showing your true genuine self. It definitely adds to how you want your business to be seen and portrayed. People like to be able to relate. 

What’s one business lesson you’ve learned that you’d be willing to share?

Have a plan for sure,  you can have a passion all day and spend money but you have to have a plan so you can be able to map out all the ins and outs and possibly prepare yourself for anything that could come at any moment. Also, learn from the mistakes so you can be able to solve those conflicts in future situations. 

What do you use for your daily to-do list?

With the mortgage job, everything is planned out and I wanted to incorporate their organization into the Bryte photo booth. Everything is written down the pen to paper and it’s easier to remember. 

Learn more about Alonzo Stanley and his Bryte Photobooth here.

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