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Jennifer Otto

How did you get the idea for your business?

Well, I am a mortgage planner, one of two in Tennessee. I provide a holistic view of someone’s finances. Instead of just taking orders I dig deeper to get an overview of all finances.

How did you make your first sale?

I work for a bank, so it’s about explaining what I do and building a relationship with realtors, financial advisors, etc. I can make the CPA better in their work and serve their clients better.

What is unique about owning a business in Murfreesboro?

The sense of community. It is the feeling I can support the local businesses and you find yourself not having to leave Murfreesboro because there is a lot of great places here.

How do you advertise your business?

My main way to connect with new customers is through networking and events. It gives me a chance to get to know their financial needs on a personal level and offer advice that can help them.

 As a business owner what keeps you up at night?

I sleep pretty well but the thing I do worry about is the crazy housing market. I am a person of faith and I know my business comes from a place of abundance so I do not worry. I just want to empower others to be and do better.

If you could time travel back in time when you started your business what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to learn and do as much as I can. Networking is important and makes those shifts and pivots faster.

Jennifer Otto Mortgage Planner in Murfreesboro TN
What’s the one thing you’re doing right now from a marketing perspective that is getting you more customers?

Consistency! Especially when it comes to posting and interacting. I think being authentic and be consistent plays a big factor.

What’s one business lesson you’ve learned that you’d be willing to share?

Collaboration, because I do a lot of networking, and it is all about relating to people you interact with. So collaborating and learning about others.

What’s a podcast, book, or website you’d recommend that has inspired you to grow your business?

“The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster and Success to Significance” Jen Duplessis. It is about what to do or what’s next after succeeding success, as well as women in this business, can be just as successful. Another book that has been my go-to this year is “ Living Your Best Year Ever” it is a journal that helps you plan and organize your day and get your thoughts on paper.

What do you use for your to-do list?

A notebook does the trick. I also always have my Living your best year journal on hand. I do love apps but there’s nothing that could replace a notebook because some things are meant to be on paper.

What social media tools do you use that other businesses owner could use?

I use Canva of course but I also use Trello which is a visual management tool. It definitely keeps me organized or productive when it comes to existing work.

To learn more about Jennifer and Iberia Bank, visit her webpage here.

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