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What’s the origin story of your business? 

Hello, my name is Dr. Blake and I am the owner and lead physical therapist of Volunteer Physical Therapy + Performance in Murfreesboro, TN. I graduated college in May 2020, and I was looking for jobs. Since the pandemic, there were a lot of jobs that were unavailable.  I knew I wouldn’t be happy at the jobs that were hiring so I decided to create my own.  I ran across somebody who wanted to interview me and said that she couldn’t pay me as a physical therapist. However, after the interview, she told me I could rent out her gym space. That opportunity led me to start my business!

What’s an obstacle that you’ve had to overcome to build your business?

An obstacle that I had to overcome in my business is not knowing exactly how to be a business owner. There were a lot of things that I wasn’t taught in school that I had to learn on my own especially the business side of things. I had to learn how to market myself, Network, and even run my own social media which was a challenge. However, I’m still learning every day what it takes to be a business owner!

What is unique about owning and running a business in Murfreesboro?

I grew up in Murfreesboro and seeing the growth made me realize I need to give back to my community. It is very rare to grow up and start a business in Murfreesboro. Being able to give back to my community has meant the world to me!

As a business owner, what keeps you up at night? 

I honestly would say everything! Being a business owner you constantly have things to think about. At the end of the day is when I usually think about a lot of things so I write down everything I need to do and I called this a brain dump.

If you could wave a magic wand and make one problem go away in your business what would it be? 

 I would have to say money. If I could take money out of the equation and just do what I love to do I believe things would be a lot easier. However, money makes the world go round so that is something that will always be.

If you could travel back in time to the day you started your business, what advice would you give yourself?

I would definitely say hire business coaches. When I first started out my business, I didn’t hire business coaches until a couple months after. Once I got them on my team, I saw dramatic changes. I think it’s very important to hire someone who knows what you don’t know.

What time of the day are you most productive?

I am not really an early morning person so I would have to say mid-morning and early afternoon. I can see now that getting a little bit more sleep helps me conquer the day and I always make up for that lost time by staying a little later.

What’s one thing you’d say to a person starting a new business?

I would have to say get ready for all the good and the bad that comes with starting a new business. When times get rough you have to think of why you started.  It is important to know that you can’t control everything, especially people. Giving up control and going with the flow while also doing what is needed would be my advice.

What’s one thing you’d say to a person who’d owned a business for a long time?

I would say congratulations! I have just started my business and can see how stressful things can be all the time. Someone who has been doing this for a long time is super impressive to me!


Learn more about Volunteer Physical Therapy and Performance by visiting their website!

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