Sue and Tiffany- Everything Is Perfect

Sue and Tiffany Everything Is Perfect

What do you do?

We wanted to have a healthy fast food business. Like a quick grab-and-go place but with something that will give you that extra boost for the day. There are so many unhealthy fast food places around so we wanted to be different and make it healthy. Plus we wanted to create a safe place where people can come and be comfortable like coffee shop vibes.

How did you get the idea for your business?

We both have experience with fitness and nutrition. We met through Instagram and became really close and we decided to create a place and product that incorporated both things we enjoy and made it happen. 

How did you make your first sale?

With the coaching job, we were taught to market and sell. Once we moved here we intended to open a store and to apply what we already knew into a product that would sell.

What is unique about owning and running a business in Murfreesboro?

The community for sure because Murfreesboro has a distinct energy and is definitely a welcoming community and I really didn’t have that back home.

How do you advertise your business?

We do a lot of social media and face-to-face interaction. We go around giving free samples and coupons. The power of Instagram and Facebook is amazing. Instagram is another reason the other stores blew up.

As a business owner, what keeps you up at night?

Not having the popular inventory items. There was a time when we ran out of our 32oz cups for about two weeks and our customers we so sad about that. So since then, we try to stay on top of our inventory.

If you could wave a magic wand and make one problem go away in your business, what would it be?

Flexibility and income because being a business owner work never stop. Hopefully, in the next couple of years, we will be able to hire more people and we can take time to travel. 

If you could time travel back to the day you started your business, what advice would you give yourself?

To do the same amount of work but to have a better balance.

Where do you want to go with your business?

We want to reach more people of course because we have been here for a short amount of so we want to be a well-known business. Once our sales are increased we hope to keep the store open for a longer time and hire more people.

What’s the one thing you’re doing right now from a marketing perspective that’s getting you more customers? 

There are two tips we think to work well. Which are referrals and check-ins. With referrals, it’s important and helpful because if you can get your customers to talk about you and your brand you have a better chance to get more business. As far as check-ins we use those as a way to market. We do that by offering customers a discounted price off their purchase if they post that they are at our business. It gives us marketing and exposure in return for their discount. 

What’s one business lesson you’ve learned that you’d be willing to share?

Do your taxes diligently or have an expert do it for you. When you have a great product and have invested so much you want to stay on top of taxes as much as possible. In addition, keep expanding your knowledge to educate yourself and evolve with this day and age. 

What’s a podcast, book, or website you’d recommend that has inspired you to grow your business?

The podcast Mindset mentor by Rod Dial and the book Story brand. They both are amazing and very interesting and helpful. 

What do you use for your daily to-do list?

Normally we brain dump on paper. We split all the ideas up and get them done. It’s a great way to get all our ideas out and do them as time goes on to keep things moving and progressing. 

What social media tools do you use that other business owners could use? 

We use PicsArt to design, use graphics, and edit photos. It’s where we create our stickers. We also use Canva.

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