Lucas Johnson – Murfreesboro Axe

Lucas Johnson - Murfreesboro Axe

What’s the origin story of your business? 

In 2017, a group of us went ax throwing and I loved it. I immediately knew that I wanted to open one and asked the people that I was with if they enjoyed it. They said they didn’t so I didn’t go too far with the idea and let it die out for a while. In 2019, we had extra space in one of the escape rooms so I pitched the idea and it went well. We opened the first ax-throwing place in Murfreesboro.  When Covid came, we had the opportunity to move locations to the Square and College Street. We reopened in August 2020.

What is unique about owning and running a business in Murfreesboro?

There is a good amount of incoming people. We are a constantly growing college town with some graduates staying after graduation. That’s what happened to me and some of the other people I know. We always have new things and new things bring new people.

As a business owner, what keeps you up at night? 

I don’t fluctuate too much in either direction. Usually, I stay awake for things that are out of my control. I know that I shouldn’t but sometimes the things I can’t fully control, such as staffing issues, will keep me awake. 

If you could wave a magic wand and make one problem go away in your business what would it be? 

I would have to say losing good employees. We don’t really have an issue with getting employees, but sometimes keeping the good employees can be difficult as people move on and we are located in a college town so some people leave after graduation.

If you could travel back in time to the day you started your business, what advice would you give yourself?

I would want to have more lanes and space to begin with. That’s what we’re working on now and if we could’ve started with that it would have been better.

What’s one thing you’d say to a person starting a new business?

Make sure if there are things you don’t know how to do you hire someone who knows or learn from someone that does know how to do them for yourself.

What’s one thing you’d say to a person who’d owned a business for a long time?

I would ask about any mistakes they made and what they learned from them. I would want to be able to learn from those mistakes as well without having to make them myself.

Learn more about Murfreesboro Axe by visiting their website!

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